Two lowlifes captured in 24 hours of farm truck theft

Police captured two scoundrels, including a plundered farm truck, inside 24 hours of the work vehicle burglary by the reprobates riding bicycles and vehicles on the strength of the tamanche.

Saubir Nagar said that last day, four scoundrels in a bicycle and vehicle had plundered a farm hauler from Sachin Kumar Putra Rajendra, an inhabitant of Thana Garhmukteshwar space of Hapur locale, on the strength of a tamanche close tikrol block furnace around there.

SI Kunwar Pal Singh, SI Rajiv Kumar and SI Pushpendra Kumar and police faculty like Rajiv Kumar, Vijay Kumar, Satendra Kumar and Satish Kumar were among the group talented under the capable bearing of SP Dehat Atul Sharma and CO Mohammad Rizwan. RHe was captured from close to the extension in Ruhara when he was taking the work vehicle to a protected spot to stay away from capture.

SP Dehat Atul Sharma, who arrived at the police headquarters, told journalists that during cross examination by the denounced, it was accounted for that he had bought the work vehicle for the sake of Jamshed Putra Riyasat, an inhabitant of Mainpura town in Thana Gangoh. Be that as it may, we couldn’t pay the account portion. Along these lines, he had prior offered the farm hauler to Sachin Putra Rajendra Singh, an occupant of Thana Garhmukteshwar space of Hapur area on 26th May, for Rs. Out of this, three lakh 95 thousand rupees came to us. Furthermore, later, when Sachin left for home with a work vehicle, under a plan, he alongside four of his different partners plundered the farm truck from a block furnace in town Tikrol under Thana Nanauta. He said the blamed planned to give the farm hauler to the account men on Thursday.

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