Four electric posts introduced when agreement is reached

The work was begun when the issue of electric posts being hindered from The Y Base to the flight was settled. On thursday, when the arrangement was reached, the force group arrived at the spot and began introducing posts contiguous the mass of the burial ground complex with the assistance of cranes. Authorities say that after finish of the survey, there will be a te ̈ stag, at that point the stockpile will be begun at the command of the air terminal power.

The air terminal position had given 1.25 crore rupees to the force office for the autonomous line for Mundhapandey air terminal in the locale. The work, which was booked to be finished by April, was halted in April because of an abrupt crown contamination. Afterward, when the force office attempted to begin the work, nhai protested at certain spots, which halted the work. Begun working by conversing with NHAI as quickly as time permits.

At the point when the work arrived at the last stage, the burial ground was supplanted in the air terminal line. The overseer here said that four electric posts will be introduced outside the premises. Then again, NHAI again had a problem with the establishment of the survey outside, which prompted the whole line work stalling out because of just four shafts. At the point when the matter arrived at the organization, ADM organization Surendra Kumar Singh held discussions with NHAI and burial ground overseer lastly concurred. Managing engineer Nagar and Dehat Deepak Kumar Singh said that shafts have been raised. This will be trailed by full guarding around there. At that point, the line will be ̈ stag.

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