Crown grabs mother and father Mausera’s sibling as vagrants

The couple living before Kotwali was murdered by crown. This finished a giggling family. The cousin has upheld two girls who became vagrants after the passing of their folks. He is requesting duty regarding raising the two of them just as proceeding with considers. The cousin likewise has two kids. He says that now I have the obligation of raising not two but rather four youngsters.

This is the agonizing story of Asif Jamal, around 50, who lives before Kotwali. Asif Jamal had a little property work on Karula. Two girls were hitched. Two girls, 15 and 17, lived with them. Spouse Farha Jamal was happy. Farah unexpectedly had hack ing issues with fever. There was additionally a sensitive throat. The oxygen level diminished. At the point when Farha was tried, crown ended up being positive.

In the mean time, Asif Jamal additionally became sick and became crown positive. Farha quit breathing while at the same time battling for life on April 31. Asif Jamal was likewise executed by Corona on May 4. Asif Jamal has a little house. Muhammad Imtiaz, child of Farha Jamal’s more youthful sister Rehana B, said he has a child and little girl in his family other than his better half Shazia. I work at a supermarket. I’m keeping aunt’s little girls with me. Presently I have four youngsters and not two. Every one of the four must be raised and educated. I won’t permit both aunt’s little girls to understand that their folks kick the bucket. Asif Jamal’s parents in law are from Mohalla Deharia. Nani is at present living with both their girls. He will keep the two little girls with him after nani returns home. The girls will be taken care of like their own kids.

The public authority will take a significant choice for kids who are stranded from Corona. The names of asif jamal’s two little girls are additionally remembered for the rundown of administration. The Government will work on something for these little girls. There are around 1,000 youngsters in the state who have been stranded in crown.

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