Barat youngster murdered and body tossed into hedges, FIR held up

The body of the missing teen was recuperated from hedges in a field 500 meters from the town on Wednesday morning. Swajan has been killed on the scars of wounds in his throat and hand. Police have enrolled an instance of homicide against unidentified people and began examination.

Shivakanti’s better half, who lives in Jalla town of Sajeti police headquarters in Kanpur nagar locale, is independently employed. Suresh Kumar had come to Kuraiya town in Musanagar in Kanpur wide open on Monday with his lone 15-year-old child Ashish. Ashish alongside his uncle Rajkumar, cousins Ankit and Manish had gone to Parsedha town of Chandpur police headquarters to join uncle’s barat. In Barat he had gone to get water to a family member. He didn’t return after that. After quite a while, his hunt began and Barat had returned after not being found. A missing case was enlisted by the police on the mother’s tahrir. The body of the young person was discovered lying in the shrubberies remaining in the fields of Deshraj, 500 meters from the town, on Wednesday morning. Police headquarters in-control Deendayal distinguished the body on data.

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