How can you beat corona?

During the Corona time frame, the State Government has requested that each locale clinic, CHC and PHC be kept in an awful spot. Then again, CM Yogi has now even said that MPs and MLAs ought to embrace and foster CHC-PHCs each. Dainik Jagran arrived at a few PHCs and CHCs in the area on Monday and led a request. There is no office for treatment of crown, there is a deficiency of specialists. Allow us to mention to you what is the lack on which CHC-PHC.

Nakud CHC: Due to deficiency of specialists in CHC Nakud, patients are compelled to go to area clinic for wellbeing offices. There are just three specialists against the posts of eight specialists at the CHC. There is certifiably not a solitary expert specialist. There is no specialist of kids. Pregnant ladies are not conveyed. Not a solitary obstetrics lady specialist. There are just two medical caretakers against the posts of six nursing staff.

There is no plan to manage the crown scourge in the lone government essential wellbeing community here. After the retirement of the specialist posted at the Center last January, the wellbeing place is being controlled by drug specialists. Double seven days, a specialist comes from Nakud and never does. The OPD here has likewise been totally shut since the kickdown.

Bargaon PHC: Primary Health Center Bargaon has been running with drug specialists for longer than a month. Just two slept with clinics Can be effectively measured from individuals of in excess of twenty towns who are getting clinical offices without specialists. The solitary stop nurture was posted at this middle. Which was moved from here. For a very long time, ladies here have been compelled to convey in Nanauta or Deoband.

Because of lack of specialists in CHC Sultanpur, individuals are not getting wellbeing offices. Because of which patients need to go to Saharanpur or Sarasawa.

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