Four runners captured for trimming khair wood

A group of Kotwali police and timberland division held onto the Scorpio vehicle loaded down with khair wood. The group captured four bootleggers from the spot. While two of his accessories figured out how to escape from the spot. The vehicle proprietor and his partners caused a ruckus over giving over the vehicle to the woodland office for departmental activity. Police hurried to the spot on getting data and mollified the group.

Kotwali police and woodland staff got data on Sunday night that a few runners were trimming khair wood from the timberland close to the town in friendly ranger service range on which a police and backwoods division group recuperated scorpio weighed down with khair wood from the spot and captured four bootleggers. Police brought the captured runners and the wooden loaded vehicle to Kotwali. Police gave over the vehicle to the woods office for departmental activity on Monday evening.

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