A hardware pot has been made for the aqua-farming plant, Which Australia has developed under the Patents Act

Dr. Amit Sharma, Professor, Department of Electronics, Tirthankar Mahavir University gave another blessing to the world by making an uncommon gadgets pot. This plant has a confident module for plant development. The module is furnished with pH and level sensors, supplements, pneumatic machines and so on Which will give water, fertilizer, air, and so forth Along these lines, it will help in full development of the plant in a controlled way. The developed gadgets pot likewise incorporates a vacuum apparatus. An air stone or air pipe is introduced at the lower part of the extension, which deliveries air pockets to work better air. The plant has a siphon to go up, which goes about as a supplement arrangement.

The Vice President of the University Suresh Jain, Group Vice Chairman Manish Jain, Vice Chancellor Prof Raghuvir Singh, MGB Akshat Jain and Registrar Dr Aditya Sharma have said that the patent will be an achievement for the college. Prof. The environment will be secured through this extension, says Amit Sharma. Star. Sharma liked every one of the colleagues. Kshitij Singhal, Dr. Amit Saxena, Dr. Rajul Mishra. Dr Sharma says that because of crown pestilence, it was chosen to complete it from Australia considering the conclusion of the patent division in India. Also, There is a long patent interaction in India while in Australia, there is an arrangement for patent endorsement through two methods under the Patents Act, 1990.

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