Ranchers Rajat, Brijpal, Suresh said that now the rancher will furrow the land cleared by wheat and begin getting ready for paddy

The downpour in the town has left the essences of the greater part of the ranchers in parts. In any case, the downpour caused waterlogging on the town streets making bother individuals.

The sky was overcast on Wednesday morning itself. There was a substantial downpour shower in the first part of the day, however the climate had opened presently. There were likewise minor hails during this period, which additionally stressed a few ranchers. The climate changed again in the early evening and it began pouring with cold solid breeze and lightning.

Aside from planting paddy, he will actually want to plant dhencha, bright for green compost and green feed will likewise get ready to plant sugarcane. A few ranchers are as yet lying in the field. The breeze has caused harm because of its blowing. Indeed, even the wheat of certain ranchers has not had the option to get up from the field. The downpour caused waterlogging in low lying zones like Kakrali Marg, Ram Bagh Marg, Sarai Patti making burden workers.

The chc premises in the city were overflowed because of inadequate downpours on Wednesday. Then again, ranchers planning to plant paddy have profited by the downpours. Then again, the ranchers who have not yet collected wheat. He is stressed. There are numerous ranchers whose straw is as yet accumulated in the field, which is doused in downpour. Ranchers like Nisar Khan, Mahmood Akhtar, Chaudhary Niaz Hassan, Zafar Abbas, Ram Singh and Rambhool Singh say that the individuals who are getting ready to plant paddy. They have profited a ton from this downpour.

As the mind-set of the period unexpectedly changed in the Chilkana locale, the downpour began with cold air, which carried alleviation from the warmth to individuals of the area. Mists had been blowing in the sky since Wednesday morning and unexpectedly at 1 pm, the principal sprinkle began with solid breezes and later the rimingima transformed into downpour which chilled the climate off.

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