Private medical clinic on Delhi Road, had looked for consent a few days prior to treat crown patients

Considering the steadily expanding number of crown patients, the District Collector and CMO have likewise permitted Delhi Road Sthym Medigram Hospital to treat crown patients after a board of trustees request. The clinic has been given L-2 and L-3 status. There is an office of 15 beds. There are likewise five ventilators. Patients have begun treating here from Monday.

Truth be told, the administrator of Medigram, a Area Collector Akhilesh Kumar Singh had then asked CMO Dr BS Sodhi to shape a group and investigate the clinic. The CMO had established a group and directed a request. Examinations found that medigram could treat crown patients. After which consent has been given by the District Collector. The clinic administrators have been told to treat the medical clinic just based on endorsed rates.

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