At present every one of the six quantities of the control room are running

The region organization has set up a control room in the collectorate premises to guarantee that the crown patients and their orderlies don’t endure. Where the crown patient’s child can tell any issue. You can get data about any emergency clinic or bed. At whatever point a call is made to every one of the numbers, they get up and address the objection of the complainant. Authorities and staff of the region organization are on the job in three moves here. ADM Vinod Kumar, the nodal official of the control room, has been designated.

Here’s the data: If the crown patient needs to get any data, he can contact the numbers underneath for example in the control room. ADM Vinod Kumar Singh said that data regarding oxygen, beds, emergency clinics is given in the control room. On the off chance that a patient isn’t conceding anybody and has a bed in the emergency clinic, the patient can gripe straightforwardly to the control room. This will be trailed by activity from the region organization.

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