parade has been taken out in town Harora regardless of prohibiting parties in panchayat races

The video of which became famous online on the web media. Police, who arrived at the spot on data, have booked a few allies, including the recently chose pradhan, under different segments while many were additionally arrested.

Suleman, the chosen town head of Harora Mustakam town in Thana Gagalheri, was commending the triumph with his allies. In the interim, his allies raised trademarks and didn’t follow the public authority rules.

Following the information on the festivals, police headquarters in-control Satendra Rai enrolled a body of evidence under genuine segments against his allies, including the recently chosen town pradhan Suleman, and gave over the capture of the recently chose pradhan with substantial police power. On accepting the data of the police, town pradhan Suleman alongside his allies escaped. Police have caused a buzz in the whole town over the police enrolling a genuine argument against the recently chosen Chief Suleman.

As indicated by SSP Dr S Chenappa, an aggregate of eight people including spouse, child and DJ administrator of the triumphant prime competitor have been captured. A case has been enrolled while held onto the sound box of the DJ.

Allies of winning competitor take out parade to turn to airborne terminating

After the triumph of the head post in Ahmedpur town of Thana Rampur Maniharan territory, the principle allies took out a parade in the actual town. Not just that. The allies likewise turned to ethereal terminating, the video of which became famous online and police enlisted a body of evidence against the three charged.

Investigator Kuldeep Singh, responsible for the police headquarters, said that a few group took out a triumph parade in town Ahmedpur. Elevated terminating. An argument has been enrolled against the charged. The hunt is on for them.

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