April 12, 2021

Religious places from highways to be removed

Mandlaan AV Rajmauli guided the divisional authorities to guarantee quick evacuation of places of worship on open streets, paths, asphalts, side of the road and paths and so on Move ought to be made to check the holy places worked before the year 2011 and arrange with their supporters and chiefs and move them to private land. Coordinated that development of places of worship along parkways and streets ought not be permitted in future.

Mandlaan AV Rajmauli was checking on the infringement of public streets with the officials of all offices including all DM, SSP and PWD. He said that the evacuation of unapproved building destinations in the rush hour gridlock ought to be accounted for according to the order set down before. Agent Inspector General of Police Upendra Agarwal said that all officials should organize and make a joint move on such developments. He said that the improvement authority, metropolitan enterprise, backwoods division, PUBLIC Works Department, and so forth, ought to likewise be remembered for the evacuation of infringements. Region authority Akhilesh Singh said that no strict site has been built in the area after the year 2011. According to the bearings, proper choice will be taken by haggling with the concerned chiefs to move the pre-constructed sanctuaries.

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