April 11, 2021

If opposition will be in Strong position BJP does not able to pass all three agricultural laws

Tending to the Mahapanchayat of the United Kisan Morcha on Sunday in Lakhnaur town, public representative of Bharatiya Kisan Union (Bhakiu) Rakesh Tikat said that if the resistance was solid in Parliament, the horticultural laws would not pass. There will be an answer transformation in the country. The rancher will take the cultivating instruments and join the public authority. The ranchers additionally put ideological groups in the dock searching for votes in panchayats.

Rakesh Tikat said that if the rural laws are not restored, the ranchers won’t get back. The public authority should ensure MSP. On the Modi government, the assailant tikat said the focal government has done the work of flinging the rancher’s turban. There is a trick to snatch ranchers ‘ development under the appearance of horticultural laws. The rancher won’t leave his development at any expense. Ranchers don’t annihilate their yields.

He told the ranchers that now the ranchers need to recollect dharma by failing to remember station religion. In the event that this fomentation fizzles, the rancher’s property would not endure. The land will go to the organizations and the grains are shut in the vault. Additionally engaged the landless ranchers and workers to go to the fight. said that there will be an answer upheaval in the country and the ranchers will take up cultivating instruments and join the public authority. With 40 lakh work vehicles, ranchers will be unsettling everywhere on the country. Tikat likewise raised the interest for giving area pay to ranchers the nation over at a similar rate in the panchayat.

Tending to the Kisan Panchayat hung on Sunday at Lakhnaur in Saharanpur, Bhakiu’s public representative Rakesh Tikat and he tuned in to the Kisan justhinditech

Ranchers’ enlivening in Kisan Panchayat held in Lakhnaur

justhinditech journalist, Saharanpur: Rakesh Tikat reported the production of bhakiu’s office at the overbridge under which the Mahapanchayat was held at town Lakhnaur. From the gathering, he said that the locale organization of Saharanpur ought to be informed that this land is of ranchers and ranchers will fabricate the Bhakiu office here. The little girl of the town of Lakhnaur will stop here. The public representative of the Bharatiya Kisan Union said that the majority of the towns are believed to be less set up to oblige the evening. Thusly, plans will likewise be made to oblige the empty land under the overbridge of town Lakhnaur, aside from the workplace. Rakesh Tikat said that soon the ranchers ought to have the option to divider this land. Allow us to say that the public authority had procured this land to fabricate an overbridge.

Bhakiu’s public representative Rakesh Tikat ‘justhinditech’ acknowledges ranchers’ welcome

justhinditech reporter, Saharanpur: Thousands of ranchers from many towns in Saharanpur locale arrived at the Mahapanchayat of Lakhnaur. The authorities of a few associations were additionally included. All the authorities were allowed a chance to talk from the discussion. Each speaker from the discussion said that his station was likewise a rancher, a religion rancher. The speakers said the public authority should pull out the horticultural laws. On the off chance that the horticultural laws are not restored, the ranchers will move towards Delhi with the apparatuses utilized in cultivating. The speakers said meanwhile that if the tumult fizzled, the land would be lost. On the off chance that the land is gone, the cost of development will be fixed by the organizations. At that point, not just ranchers in the nation, canines will likewise pass on hungry.

On the off chance that the bill doesn’t return, there will be no homecoming.

First godown, at that point agrarian law implies lost in the goals.

Our kin were ensnared in the pattern of the Red Fort.

The rancher will likewise go to the field to cut his wheat.

The Committee will likewise shape an advisory group for cutting of wheat in towns.

On the off chance that this fomentation comes up short, the adolescent will be jobless.

The public authority hushes up for 15 days, thinking about another way.

On the off chance that cultivating is to be saved, the ranchers need to fomentation.

Kisan ‘justhinditech’ tuning in to Rakesh Tikat at Kisan Panchayat in Lakhnaur

These speakers additionally dispatched the words on the public authority.

The coordinator of the Mahapanchayat and state VP of Bhakiu Vinay Chaudhary, District President Chaudhary Charan Singh, public leader of West Uttar Pradesh Mukti Morcha Bhagat Singh Verma, divisional administrator of Uttarakhand Sanjay Chaudhary, Surendra Kanboj, Vijay, Jalis Pradhan Kheda, Young State president digambar Singh of Bhakiu, National media responsible for Bhakiu Dharmendra Malik, Kisan Union District President Amit Gurjar, Suchit Chaudhary, tried Chaudhary , previous locale Panchayat part Sandeep Gurjar, previous boss Tej Singh Gurjar, Jagpal Singh, R Bhavadaner Chaudhary, Vepal Singh Gurjar, Sardar Manmohan Singh, Mainpal Chauhan, and so forth, given a discourse from the discussion and the public authority had a ton of kosa.

Each standing individual has worn a turban

Indeed, a large portion of the street society individuals live in Lakhnaur town. To start with, the head of lakhnaur town, for the benefit of the street clique, made Rakesh Tikat a turban. From that point, individuals of the Sikh mindful, Pandit, Dalit, Muslim, Gurjar, and so forth, invited Rakesh Tikat by making turbans. The ranchers additionally took the trademark of Ekta Zindabad. Thakur, individuals of the general public, skilled him two blades.

Message conveyed to youth to battle harmony

Rakesh Tikat gave a message to the young that they don’t put stock in Bheehasa. In this way, keep the adolescent in harmony. This was said when the rancher chief Rakesh Tikat planned to talk on the platform and the adolescents began hooting. Nonetheless, after Rakesh’s persuading, he quieted down.

Rakesh Tikat to visit Bengal

Rakesh Tikat said in the panchayat that he will currently stir the ranchers everywhere on the country. He will go to Bengal and instruct the ranchers in light of the fact that the ranchers are not getting gainful costs for the yield.

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